Friday, 15 June 2012

War in the Moot v1.1 PDF

Finally, I have a new version finished. I have modified a few rules and ajusted some points values to hopefully make it more balanced. Also it is now in PDF format which will stop any compatibility issues. Enjoy. War in the Moot v1.1

Sunday, 12 February 2012

War in the Moot first release

Below is a link to the first release for War in the Moot. This campaign book features 40 pages of Warhammer Halflings background narrative, 6 unique scenarios as part of the campaign, full bestiary and army list for playing a Halfling army in Warhammer 8th Edition, unique lore "The Halfling Cookbook" and new magic items for the army to use.

If please feel free to add comments and critism, it's a first release at the moment and no-one apart from myself has looked over it.

If you want to support me in making more campaign books and army lists, feel free to post links on other related forums or put a link in your signature. That would make me a happy chappy!

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Friday, 3 February 2012

War in the Moot

I'm in the process of creating a Warhammer Campaign book. The name is yet to be decided but the main focus of the project is a full Halfling army list. I am creating the list how I would see an army of the Moot in the modern Warhammer world of 8th ed. So there isn't any farm animal cavalry or halfling housewives! It's what I would like to think that Games Workshop would create if they were so inclined to do so. The image to the side is just my current document at twenty pages long, it should be at least thirty by the time of release, this image is only there as a look at the design so far you're not meant to be able to read it yet. This is a list of contents and current status:

- Background story to the campaign and characters involved
- Six unique scenarios for the campaign
- Night Goblin army list appendix
- Halfling Background and full Bestiary with and 8th ed army list composed of:
- Halfling Lord Sheriff
- Halfling Master Chef
- Halfling Adventurer
- Halfling Warden
- Halfling Chef
- Halfling Thief
- Wandering Wizard
- Halfling Watchmen
- Halfling Archers
- Halfling Scouts
- Halfling Farmers
- Halfling Rangers
- Halfling Hot Pot
- Halfling Boar Cavalry
- Moot Ogres
- Halfling Field Kitchen
- Treeman
- Clegg's Halfling Mercenaries
- Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks
- 'lore' The Halfling Cookbook (Unique system in place of magic)
- Ten Halfling unique magic items

I hope to have it complete in the next few weeks if not before as luckily my job requires me to spend plenty of time sitting around waiting. Once this is finished I'll likely start work on a new project, I'm currently listing ideas of armies I would like to see on the battlefield. Whatever other project I do, they will be campaign books for different armies rather than a completely new army.